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Natural, balanced and delicious kibble and treats for all types of dogs. Made from insect protein, one of the most digestible and sustainable forms of protein on the planet.

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Yora Rewards Carrot & Apple Soft Baked Treats for Dogs 100g

Delicious treats for only the very best dogs, with superfood insect benefits!

Our amazing little grubs (hermetia illucens larvae) are a true superfood, packed with healthy protein, fats, minerals and immune boosting antioxidants.

A hypoallergenic, novel protein grubs are as easy to digest as chicken, so they’re perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.Recommended by vets for dogs with food intolerances.

Antioxidant for immune Support grubs are packed with antioxidants, which have been shown to actively reduce harmful inflammatory and immune responses in dogs.

Each kg of insect meal provides 37,000mg of glucosamine for healthy joints & tendons, and they’re rich in calcium and phosphorous for strong teeth and bones!

They contain anti-microbial peptides and chitin, which work together to promote healthy gut flora and reduce nasty bacteria for perfect poops.

Insect fat is our miracle ingredient. Rich in healthy fats like lauric acid which is great for skin, coat and brain health.


Dehydrated insect protein (Hermetia Illucens – black soldier fly, 25%), oats, chickpea flour, vegetable glycerine, insect oil (Hermetia Illucens), dried vegetables (2%; carrot), dried fruits (2%; apple), lignocellulose, minerals.

Analytical Constituents:

Crude Protein 21%, Crude Fat 11%, Crude Ash 5.1%, Crude Fibre 4.8%, Moisture 18%. Metabolisable Energy: 327.5 Kcal per 100g. Carrot (2%), Dried Apple (2%),. Crude Protein:18.50%. Fat Content:12.40%. Crude Fibres:4.30%. Crude Ash:3.50%. Moisture:19%.